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Stone Banana photographer Daniel Kruczynski - Stone Banana Photographer

"As a kid I was really into wild animals, and the only way to explore the subject was by visiting the ZOOs across Poland. 

I forced my parents many times to plan the holidays in a way that gave me the possibility to visit them one by one ;-)

As giraffes were my favourite wild animal ever, I really loved the ZOO in Wrocław as it was one of only 2 Polish ZOOs that had giraffes in the early 80s.

Not only was this the oldest ZOO in Poland, but it also had some very famous directors - Hanna and Antoni Gucwińscy. This husband and wife team had their own TV program for 30 years, 'The Camera Among Animals.'

Still sitting on my shelf is the photo from 1984 - a 7 y.o. kid, shirtless, wearing short jean pants, and standing in front of the giraffes in that ZOO.

Wrocław Giraffe photo by Daniel Kruczynski25 years after that photo was taken, I still enjoy watching those giraffes taking shots of them.

And now, I'm very happy to know that one of the Polish giraffes from the famous Polish ZOO even has it's own shirt ;-)"



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